Aircraft type A340 – 300
Manufacturer Airbus
Model A340 – 313
Range 14.400 km
Registration YR-LRE
Seating Capacity 324Y
Base Fujairah (FJR), UAE

With a service range of 14.400 km, Airbus A340-300 is ideal for long-haul operations. Powered by its is four engines, the A340-300 is tailored to meet the needs of the long-range market – offering direct point-to-point services.


Emergency Exits

Type: A340-313

Manufacturer: Airbus

Serial No: 0844

Registration: YR-LRC

Date of Manufacture: June 2007

Weights and Volumes

Max Taxi Weight 275 T

Max Take-Off Weight 275 T

Max Landing Weight 192 T

Max Zero Fuel Weight 180 T

Max range 14.400 km


Manufacturer: CFM International

Model: CFM56-5C4/P


Manufacturer: Honeywell

Model: GTCP 331-350C


Max Cruise Altitude: 41.000 ‘

Max Speed: MACH. 86

Max Range: 14.400 km

Fuel consumption: 6.5 Tons/Hour

Legend Designation Meters Inches
J Distance between the A/C nose and the end of the Verical Tail Pane (VTP) 63.658 2506.22
K Overall height from ground 16.828 662.52
L Fuselage height 5.640 222.05
M Distance between the A/C nose and the Nose Landing Gear (NLG) 6.671 262.64
N Distance between the NLG and the Main Lading Gear (MLG) 23.375 999.02
P Fuselage length 62.883 2475.71
R Wingspan 60.304 2374.17
S Distance vetween MLG right and the MLG left 10.684 420.63